Agent: Beltre still considering Athletics

Agent: Beltre still considering Athletics

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Amid talks that Oakland is officially off Adrian Beltre's long list of potential suitors, agent Scott Boras told reporters on Wednesday that his free-agent client is still considering the A's.

"We're open to discussions with all teams on Adrian," said Boras, holding court inside the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Hotel. "We've been going through a number of negotiations with a number of teams. There have been a lot of willing participants. Certainly, Oakland was a team he said he would be interested in looking at. We had meetings with their club. That's where we're at now."

The A's reportedly rescinded their offer to Beltre -- said to be worth at least $64 million over five years -- earlier this week, and they have since focused on attracting a designated hitter and starting pitcher while at the Winter Meetings. In Boras' eyes, though, "offers are like curtains."

"There is opening and closing, but they're still in the room," he said.

This marked the second straight year in which Beltre declined a large offer from Oakland, and it has not been determined whether the club will still pursue the All-Star, who hit .321 with 28 homers and 102 RBIs last season.

Boras relayed that there are several clubs that have been in contact with him about Beltre. Oakland's interest has been very public. Same for the Angels.

Although Boras wouldn't go as far as saying the Angels represent Beltre's top choice, he did indicate that the third baseman recognizes a handful of incentives that come along with playing for them.

"Our policy is on teams, I'm going to let them dictate who they announce publicly who they're interested in," he said. "Obviously, Adrian has a home in L.A. and has played in L.A., and he's very comfortable with that marketplace."

There's no timetable on when Boras would like to see Beltre sign, mentioning it could be relatively soon since "we're well down the road with a lot of teams." He added, however, that it could take a while before his client's new home is revealed, depending on how the market progresses as the winter unfolds.

"We're in the middle of a lot of negotiations with a lot of teams for him, and they're ongoing," Boras said.

"With the amount of interest and such, I would say there's a chance for those types of contracts for the hitters, the veteran hitter, those contracts would move a little quicker than normal because of the fact there's just so many people who need bats. Those 3-4-5 guys in the offense, there's just a real shortage of them."

Boston, who Beltre played for in 2010, is probably not one of Beltre's current suitors. The Red Sox completed a trade with the Padres this past weekend for first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, all but ending their pursuit of their former third baseman. The move came just days after Beltre openly expressed a strong interest in returning to the Red Sox, who are now expected to move Kevin Youkilis to third base.

"Adrian had a great time in Boston," Boras said. "It was really a situation for him where he really enjoyed his teammates, really liked the city. ... He played there in a way where he got to experience a different brand of baseball, being a West Coast baseball player his whole life. He got to see that. It puts him in a position to make a very prepared and informed decision about his free agency and what his choices might be as they go forward."

Though the offseason began with thinking that Beltre would prefer to stay on the West Coast, Boras shut down that notion Wednesday by saying that geography will not be part of his final decision. Aside from the A's and Angels, a handful of mystery teams are thought to be in on the infielder. All, Boras insisted, will be sized based on certain factors.

"He's got goals that he wants to look at as to what the organizations have in talent and ability to win," Boras said, "And, of course, the economics are a part of it, as well."

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