Wuertz working to remain healthy this spring

Wuertz working to remain healthy this spring

Wuertz working to remain healthy this spring
PHOENIX -- Michael Wuertz isn't looking to repeat last year's lengthy shoulder woes.

The A's righty thinks he has a good chance of avoiding them given the different treatment he's receiving this time around with the help of new trainer Nick Paparesta. In fact, the injured hurler said he could be back on a mound in three to four days and feels he can remain healthy the rest of the way.

Wuertz left the A's workout facilities early Monday with what he described as the typical shoulder soreness he experiences most springs. He tried to pitch through the discomfort last spring, which ultimately forced him to miss the first month of the season.

"We're taking a different course of action this year," Wuertz said. "We're acting on it early so that it doesn't become a problem later on."

The 32-year-old Wuertz, who lives in Arizona during the offseason, has been working with pitching coach Ron Romanick since January. He was already up to 45-pitch bullpen sessions, putting him far ahead of a normal schedule.

"I may have increased my workload a bit too much, too soon," he said. "That extra torque early on probably flared it up."

Nevertheless, the A's have plans to take it easy with Wuertz, Andrew Bailey and Craig Breslow this spring after the workload they received last year, so missing a few days isn't of concern at this point.