Melvin rests regulars to avoid Texas heat

Melvin rests regulars to avoid Texas heat

Melvin rests regulars to avoid Texas heat
ARLINGTON -- Any series in a hot location requires a little extra care by a manager, as teams try to keep players fresh despite the heat.

Athletics manager Bob Melvin is no different, and he said every player on the bench would get at least one start during the weekend series. The temperature at the Ballpark in Arlington was 105 degrees at the time of first pitch on Friday, a record for the stadium.

"It's warm. Everybody needs a little bit of a break," Melvin said. "There will be some guys that play every day, simply because we have a limited bench. It's a little bit deeper, but everyone will have a start."

As another precautionary measure, Oakland is taking batting practice inside on Friday. Melvin did not rule out resorting to such measures again.

"I think it's important," Melvin said. "You have to get on the field the first day obviously and get a feel for the field, but after that, I don't think [the Rangers] hit a whole lot either. They hit the first day they come back from a trip, and whether or not they hit again, I'm not

The series is the first between the clubs at the stadium to feature four games in four days series since May 25-28, 2006. While they played four straight in Texas in 2009, one day was a doubleheader to make up for a previous rain delay.

"You play 162 games in 180 days, and you're on the field for three hours," Melvin said. "It's the one sport that you play every day. There is a reason why you lift weights every other day, so you can let your body recover. To an extent, sometimes, I think we overdo it just to make it look like we're doing something.

"Especially in conditions like this, you need some rest."