A's Weeks bests his brother in spring game

A's Weeks bests his brother in spring game

A's Weeks bests his brother in spring game
PHOENIX -- As A's second baseman Jemile Weeks chased down his older brother, Rickie, in a first-inning rundown on Tuesday at Maryvale Baseball Park, he had no intention of giving up the baseball.

"Not a chance," he said after practically tackling the Brewers second baseman as he tagged him out trying to slide head-first back into first base.

"That doesn't surprise me at all," Rickie said. "That's just brotherly competition right there."

The A's won, 6-0, but Jemile was still beaming after he came out of the game. The two had wrestled with each other many a time as they grew up in central Florida. Rickie is now 29, Jemile is 25. In the past, Rickie usually won.

"He usually gets the better of it," Jemile said. "But not today, though, I got him today."

The elder Weeks is more concerned about returning from a serious left ankle sprain on July 26 that knocked him out for the rest of the season. With Cactus League play just under way, he's trying to get his legs back under him.

"Yeah, he looks good," Jemile said about his brother. "He had a lot of rehab because of his ankle and everything. We worked out together. Obviously, all that work is starting to pay off. He's out there playing. I just hope he can keep it up."

Rickie was walked by left-hander Tommy Milone to open the Brewers' half of the first. Milone then picked him off, the ball having been transferred four times before it wound up in Jemile's grasp. Of the play, Weeks said, "a good move [by the pitcher], I guess." Then he was off to the races.

"They always say you want to get out of a pickle, but I just try to draw throws. As many throws as I can," Rickie said.

A's manager Bob Melvin wasn't enthralled with his club's execution. Too many throws, not enough early pressure.

"I didn't love the rundown, but we got the out," Melvin said. "That's the only thing that bothered me a little bit. We just didn't have the timing down. Once 'Weeksie' got it, you could tell he was going after his brother and wanted to tag him. He wanted to end that play right there."