Reddick continues to dominate Orioles

Reddick continues to dominate Orioles

Reddick continues to dominate Orioles
BALTIMORE -- Left fielder Josh Reddick continued his domination of the Orioles on Friday night, with a homer and an RBI single, leading the A's to a 5-2 victory.

Reddick is now batting .359 with five doubles, two triples, six home runs and 13 RBIs in 24 career games against Baltimore. At Camden Yards his stats are even better, as he is batting .441 with four home runs and seven RBIs in 12 games there.

Reddick made his Major League debut at Camden Yards, so the park was already a special place for him.

"In the past I've always done well here at Camden Yards, and that's one way to get confidence coming into a road trip," Reddick said. "Hopefully, I can continue that for the next day or two and help us get a better streak going."

The A's have been struggling offensively of late and have scored 64 runs this season -- the fewest in franchise history over the first 21 games. Reddick is hopeful that the team will break out of its slump during this nine-game road trip, and things started on a positive note on Friday night.

"You tend to build off the guy ahead of you, and the guy behind you tends to build off you," Reddick said. "Lucky for us, the long ball was a big factor for us last night. It's a good hitter's park for anybody. The ball carries well here over the summer. It seemed to be carrying well last night."

Manager Bob Melvin said that it is not uncommon for a player such as Reddick to turn some early success against a team into long-term confidence.

"There will be teams you play well against, and a lot of it has to do with how you start out your career," Melvin said. "A lot of times, you follow that along. [The Orioles] are one club he hit well against last year."