Cespedes swings bat in rehab for first time

Cespedes swings bat in rehab for first time

OAKLAND -- Despite not coming off the disabled list on Tuesday, the first day he was eligible to do so, A's center fielder Yoenis Cespedes made significant progress in his rehab for the strained left hand muscle that has sidelined him since May 7.

The rookie took some swings in the batting cage with three different sizes of fungo bats -- the first time he's swung a bat of any kind since landing on the DL -- and reported no pain or discomfort. Barring any setbacks, Cespedes should be able to begin swinging a regular bat on Wednesday, and will continue to progress through the various rehabilitation steps.

"Over the last 48 to 72 hours, he's probably made the most progress that we've seen out of him, in regards to how he's feeling, his strength [and] his ability to do certain provocative tests without any discomfort," said head trainer Nick Paparesta.

Paparesta said the team would learn a lot about Cespedes' status when he begins dry swinging, because swinging and missing had caused the outfielder the most discomfort.

For a player with a powerful swing like Cespedes, hand injuries can be especially tricky, and there's still no set timetable for Cespedes' return.

"We need to take this the thing the right way because we want to be able to just let [Cespedes] go and do his thing, and swing the way he wants to swing," Paparesta said.