Melvin still has eye on division title

Melvin still has eye on division title

OAKLAND -- While they may be closer to securing one of the two Wild Card spots, the fact that the division title is still statistically within reach means that manager Bob Melvin and the A's are still eyeing the American League West crown.

The A's are competing with the Angels and Rays for one of the two Wild Card spots, while chasing the division-leading Rangers. The Rangers and Angels kicked off a three-game series Friday, with the A's leading the Angels and Rays by two games for the second Wild Card spot while trailing the Rangers by four games for the division title, entering Friday's play.

"If you're a fan and looking for who you're rooting for in that series, there are probably mixed feelings as far as that goes," Melvin said. "But until we have an asterisk next to our name, that's always our goal."

But even with the A's game against the Mariners Friday night overlapping with the start of the Angels-Rangers game, Melvin said he isn't one to be taking a peek at the scoreboard for the score of any other game.

"I am one guy who really tries not to," Melvin said, joking that he can't multi-task well enough to be scoreboard watching. "I don't want the emotions of that, it's difficult enough to go through the emotions of our game."