A-Rod fallout doesn't surprise Braden

A-Rod fallout doesn't surprise Braden

OAKLAND -- A 2009 copy of the New York Post found its way taped to Dallas Braden's locker Friday.

Cover boy Alex Rodriguez, accompanied by a clever albeit mildly derogatory headline, stared back at the A's left-hander.

Just 24 hours had passed since Braden had stood face to face with Rodriguez, when the Yankees third baseman breached one of baseball's unwritten rules by jogging across the pitcher's mound following a foul ball off the bat of Robinson Cano in an afternoon game at the Oakland Coliseum.

Following the affair, Braden suggested to reporters that A-Rod "should probably take a note from his captain over there and realize you don't cross the pitcher's mound in between an inning or during the game."

Rodriguez, meanwhile, maintained he never heard of such a notion in his career and ultimately laughed off all the commotion surrounding the incident.

Braden brought it all back to life on Friday as he stood by his locker before his teammates took on the visiting Indians. The A's southpaw said he has received about 150 text messages about the situation and isn't all too shocked about the attention it's garnering.

"I guess I shouldn't say I'm surprised, just because of who he is," Braden said, "but I don't think it would have blown up the magnitude it has been if it were -- I guess in A-Rod's opinion -- me and someone just like me, which according to him, is pretty much just a worthless individual."

With a night's rest behind him, Braden still insists he would repeat every word directed at Rodriguez on Thursday, except he "might have said it louder the first time."

He's heard all about A-Rod's response -- or lack thereof -- concerning the tiff, about which the Yankees starter was quoted as finding "funny."

"That's what you're supposed to do if you know you've made an error in judgment and you really don't want to own up to it," Braden said. "He's an intelligent individual. He knows what happened."

The A's lefty, who notched the win in Thursday's 4-2 Oakland victory, is ready to put the episode behind him so long as Rodriguez understands that his act "won't be tolerated."

"It started and ended as soon as it happened with me," Braden said. "It's a matter of respect. In no way, shape or form was it meant to call anyone out, or shed light on anybody's attitude or lack thereof. It's just all about one incident between himself and our squad.

"Whatever other incidents there are or whoever they might concern is none of my business. That's between him and whoever he may or may not have offended. This 2010 team is the team he disrespected. That's the team I'm sticking up for."